Justice for California
Justice for California
We Need Justice and Accountability for Police Violence.

we need


California’s legal system failed to get justice for Stephon Clark and for 142 other people killed by California police in 2018.

We need a new law to limit deadly force, save lives and deliver justice for victims of police violence.


Take Action.

California Assembly Bill 392 would prohibit police from using deadly force in situations where non-lethal alternatives could be used instead. This would save lives and protect communities from police violence.

We need your help calling lawmakers to tell them to support this bill. If you live in California, enter your information and press submit to connect to your State Senator, then tell them to support AB 392. If you have questions or want additional guidance for calling legislators, contact us at letusliveca@gmail.com.

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The Facts.



people killed by CALIFORNIA police in 2018

Under California’s current “reasonable” standard for deadly force, fewer than 1% of officers are prosecuted for killing someone in the line of duty.



Fewer killings by police

Police departments that require officers to use non-lethal alternatives when possible instead of deadly force are 25% less likely to kill people. Strict limits on deadly force have been shown to make both officers and communities safer.



of departments allow police to kill people unnecessarily

92% of California police departments do not require officers to use non-lethal alternatives whenever possible. AB 392 makes every department adopt this standard and gives prosecutors the tools to enforce this requirement.

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Get Involved.

Assembly Bill 392 is supported by a coalition of grassroots organizations fighting for justice in California, including these co-sponsors:

Asm. Shirley Weber

ACLU of California

Alliance for Boys and Men of Color / PolicyLink

Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ)

United Domestic Workers (UDW) America - AFSCME Local 3930

California Families United 4 Justice

California Faculty Association

PICO California

Anti Police-Terror Project

Silicon Valley DeBug

STOP Coalition

Youth Justice Coalition

Black Lives Matter - California


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